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The stunning CERAGEM V3 offers a fully tailored massage, sensuous quality, full remote control, adjustable head-rest... all in a smart, space-saving design. Try it for FREE today.
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"Great and wonderful!" S McDonald


The all new Reflax offers you a perfect solution - smart space-saving design, portable and fully featured CERAGEM thermo-therapeutic massages. Amazing!
Experience it yourself for FREE today.
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"Good for neck and shoulders. Very convenient that it folds up like a suitcase. Easy to move. Good for people with not much space like people in apartments in London." Mr A


CERAGEM CERATONIC - our new generation of advanced Far Infra Red Heat Mats and Belt.
Enjoy better health, rejuvenating sleep and protection from harmful EMF ('electro-smog').
Pain relief naturally. Anytime. Anywhere..   Contact us >
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"The Goodle Mat is great for easing my back, legs, hips, feet, and head. It is so versatile and really helps in healing the pain. I even sleep on it. It is so wonderful and easy to use." Theresa

CERAGEM Healax iShoulder

CERAGEM Healax iShoulder is designed to give you an amazing hands-free, percussive-type massage. It can be used around the neck & shoulders, back and other parts of the body to relieve tension and tightness. It is ultra portable so your Healax iShoulder personal massager can go with you!
* Offer ends on Tuesday, 31st March 2015.
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"Very good - hits the right places, feel the tension ease and your shoulders feel more relaxed." Ann


The original fully automatic thermal therapeutic massager that combines massage and accupressure with radiant far infrared heat, emitted from special Jade gemstones and epoxy carbon panels.

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"The improvements have been amazing!" Victoria

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